When the going gets tough, the tough get soggy shoes

Segbwema, Kailahun District,
June 21, 2017

By Ivan Gayton

As fun as it sounds, mapping villages can be a hazardous and difficult task. Poor roads, burning heat and learning ad hoc mechanic skills are a few of the challenges we’ve overcome during our first few days in southeast Sierra Leone.

However, with the likes of Ivan, Randy and Rupert (and our fantastic volunteers) we proven to be a gutsy group of determined mappers.  So, when we recently encountered a fast-flowing stream in Segbwema (in Kailahun District) we simply revved up our engines and charged ahead to conquer our wet foe. When all the high fives, fist bumping (and possibly a yee-haw or two) had died down we continued on our journey, full of exuberance…and soggy shoes.



Into the Wild

Rural areas in Kailahun District
June 12, 2017

By  Ivan Gayton

So here we go! Our first day out, responding to the request from Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, where MSF doctors have requested a map made by local people which can help them tackle Bilharzia, Hepatitis, and related community issues which plague their work in this area.

After a shotgun training and loading of Apps into their smartphones, intrepid surveyors are out to test and refine the medical survey, looking for feedback and adjustments to line-up the needs of the community with the supplies from the humanitarian sector.

WAMM 2017 – Introductions…

Dakar, Senegal
May 14, 2017

By Ivan Gayton

In 2016, Missing Maps (Humanitarian Open Street Map, MSF, American and Sierra Leone Red Cross) launched a project to survey geo-located vulnerabilities in Post-Ebola West Africa. Spanning Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, the project put thousands of communities onto the world map (Open Street Map), and created a capacity for the people of these countries to represent themselves and their needs.

If you have ever looked for these countries on google maps, you will realize that they are literally blank. Not any more!

Click below to DOWNLOAD a trip report from the Sierra Leone element of the project by WAMM project consultant Rupert Allan . . .

Motorcycle Mapping in Sierra Leone. Post-Ebola-Border Busting Project. Red Cross/MSF/HOT Trip Report 1Trip Report, MM Phase 1